Important Contents of a CV Template

Published: 28th January 2011
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If you are a jobseeker, a curriculum vitae is one important document you cannot do without. Whether you are applying for a job for the first time or already seeking for a better workplace, writing a CV is never an easy task. If you are caught in such a position, numerous CV templates are available for your direct use or as a reference. Nevertheless, you must first be familiar with what a CV template should contain before you start looking for one to use.

A curriculum vitae compiles your academic information and work experience. However, a CV template should be structured and formatted to highlight your best and most relevant skills and qualifications to help you get an interview and clinch the job.

The basic contents a CV template should have is an education section and an experience section.

The education section of a CV template should list the institutions, degrees, received, and the dates you attended the said institutions as well as your major and minor courses or specializations. If you are submitting your CV to employers in a different place, the CV template should contain the general address of the institution you attended. The education section can also list the awards, scholarships, and other extracurricular activities you took part in while studying. If you took some courses in a college but did not finish a degree, you should not include it in the CV.

The experience section of a CV template should list your employment history including volunteer work, internships, and trainings. It should contain the position, employer and its address, and the dates you worked in this position. In this section, your skills and accomplishments should be stressed. This section can also include membership to professional societies or organizations.

Aside from these two sections, it is best that a CV template contain an objective section or a mission statement and reference section. The objective states the position you are applying for and the most significant background information you have to qualify you for the position. At the end of the CV template, the reference section should indicate that references are available. The reference persons may be former employers. More modern CV templates no longer include the contact details of references for protection.

A CV template may include additonal sections but those listed above are the most important ones to look for in a CV template. But always remember, it is better to use CV templates as references and customize your CV to suit your qualifications and the job you are seeking.

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